Malteurop is one of the world's leading producers of malt, a natural, grain-based ingredient. We belong to 11,000 farmers: we exist because they exist. We have launched an ambitious CSR policy that centers around five commitments.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy 

We are committed to a sustainable business model. Our agricultural roots and our position as a global leader mean we have a special environmental, social, and societal responsibility. Our CSR ambitions are based on five key commitments:

  • Promoting sustainable farming
  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • Promoting the local economy Looking after our employees
  • And behaving ethically and with integrity

We have set ourselves concrete objectives for 2025.

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Our CSR Commitments

Promoting sustainable farming

We are committed to promoting farming practices that protect our regions' natural resources and help to produce good quality, healthy food. We are convinced that these practices are essential for the protection of our soil, for promoting the image of farming, and for strengthening consumer confidence.

Our roadmap:

  • Promote sustainable farming practices
  • Limit the use of inputs to the bare minimum
  • Support farmers

Our main objective: 100% of barley produced using sustainable farming methods by 2025

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Reducing our environmental impact

The malt industry needs water and energy to transform grain into malt. We are working to reduce our use of these resources in order to preserve them for future generations.

Our roadmap:

  • Promote barley varieties and farming methods that require less water
  • Adapt the malt production process so that it uses less water • Develop the use of renewable energies
  • Reduce our carbon footprint

Our main priority: To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2025 (based on the benchmark year of 2014/2015).


Promoting the local economy

Our malt houses are located as close as possible to barley-growing regions. We promote short supply chains and buy our raw materials directly from local farmers. 80% of our malting barley comes from farms located near our plants. We help farmers secure their income and commercial opportunities through long-term contracts. We are proud to contribute to the local economy and the rural fabric of the countries we operate in.

Our roadmap:

  • Favor short supply chains
  • Support farmers

Looking after our employees (CARE)

Our employees are our most important asset. Ensuring that they are safe at work is an absolute priority.

Our main priority: To promote a culture of zero accidents

Our roadmap:

  • Improve safety expertise and behavior
  • Sustainably reduce risks
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Behaving ethically and with integrity

We undertake to adopt responsible practices and to behave ethically and with integrity. We strive to promote diversity and equality of opportunity. Relations with our customers and partners are open, transparent, and based on trust. We establish fair and balanced commercial relationships.

Our roadmap:

  • Ensure all our employees have access to an ethical warning system.
  • Train local ambassadors in the countries we operate in.
  • Promote diversity and equality of opportunity.
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